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There is no such thing as a “Force of Gravity” as such it is not accurate to describe “gravitational waves” as gravity.

So called “Gravitational Waves” are actually ripples in “elapsed time” and space-time is more accurately denoted “space(time)”.

Therefore, I would prefer to define “Gravitational Waves” as “Relativity Waves”.

Time functions as a particle-wave with both a frequency of oscillation and a wavelength. The frequency of oscillation defines the dimension of elapsed time and the wavelength defines the dimension of the length of space.

What we perceive as Gravity is the result of graduated progressive variations in the forward motion of elapsed time as time is described in General Relativity.

When time becomes entangled with matter it imparts temporal energy to matter thus giving matter it’s mass. As time loses energy it’s frequency of oscillation is reduced, elapsed time is decreased, wavelength is increased, and length or distance in space(time) is increased. This is consistent with Einstein’s placement of objects on his bedsheet.

Matter does not bend nor warp space, matter absorbs temporal energy which results in the increased length of space(time).

Matter is “pushed” from regions of space(time) where elapsed time moves more quickly to regions of space(time) where elapsed time moves more slowly.

The Higgs Boson could quite possibly be responsible for the property of Time!

By the way, the future is not “forward” it’s direction is “down”. The past is not behind us it is “upward”. Time loses energy as we “fall” toward the future thus making it impossible to travel backward in time as you would have to replace all the energy that time has lost during that time travel interval.

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Here is a link to a PBS broadcast illustrating the basics of how Time causes Gravity. I published a better explanation on my Blogger .com years before this video.