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Albert Einstein’s last Great Theory was Gravitational Waves and recently we have been able to discover evidence in support of his theory.

I will get straight to the point, so Dr. Einstein’s theory states that a pair of Black Holes that rotate around each other will become a source of Gravitational Waves.  I propose that a 2nd pair of such Black Holes that produce a 2nd source of Gravitational Waves will result in a Gravitational Nodal Pattern.

Two nearby sources of Gravitatinal Waves will result in a standing wave with nodes and antinodes.  The nodes represent equilibrium in Space(Time), the antinodes represent Gravitational Troughs and Gravitational Crests.

If you perform a race between two photons with the first photon always travelling along the antinode within a Gravitational Trough and the second photon always travelling along the antinode within the Gravitational Crest, the second photon along the crest will cross the finish line before the first photon.

My goal with this thought experiment is to create a Gravitational Nodal Pattern where there will exist a stable Gravitational Crest in Space(Time).  Space(Time) at this crest will exhibit faster elapsed time and a contraction of the length of distance.

I am currently working on how to create a stable Gravitational Crest such as in Reuben’s Tube Theory.

Example of surfing a Standing Wave.