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George Skokos brings over 35 years of professional work experience in computer systems to the table. With a diverse skill set covering computer operations, programming, documentation, and project management, he has proven himself time and again. Notably, Mr. Skokos served as the Director of Information Management Systems at Timestep Corp, where he successfully delivered a Due Diligence report to Newbridge Corp, leading to the acquisition of Timestep. Recognizing his expertise, Newbridge offered him a generous contract to oversee the smooth transition of Timestep’s computer operations to align with their own. Trust George Skokos to expertly handle your computer systems needs.

George Skokos in the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve (1985)




Work Experience


Systems Administrator

Delivery of comprehensive managed IT services to a diverse clientele, providing expert support, monitoring, and management for customer technology infrastructure. From IT consulting to cloud computing, cybersecurity solutions to business VoIP, we handle it all.


RHEA Technologies Lab, Inc.

Systems Engineer

Multifaceted with expertise in Systems Engineering, Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Research, Automation, Integration, Web App Development, Sales Engineering, and Cloud Architecture. He has provided invaluable support to various notable projects and possesses a wide range of skills and experience.


Phirelight Security Solutions/ RHEA Inc.

Systems Engineer

As a consultant for the ESA’s proposed ESOS Network, I design network solution architecture diagrams, evaluate ISO/IEC 27001 online training courses, and manage the corporate website. I actively participate in virtual meetings and have expertise in various software applications, network/security infrastructure, WAN/LAN equipment, programming languages, and web applications.


Department of National Defence

Quality Assurance Analyst

Specializing in testing Baseline Software for over 100,000 endpoints. Project lead for automated testing, virtualization, and remote access. Expertise in software applications, Microsoft Office, networking equipment, operating systems, and web applications.


Department of National Defence

Senior Project Officer

Served as 2iC to an Air Force Major, overseeing all operations for the Pay & Pension Information Systems. He led system upgrades, vendor interactions, and served as the Information Systems Security Officer.


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Microsoft University

Systems Engineer




Certified Banyan Specialist



Carleton University

B.Mathematics (Comp.Math.)

Two years


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