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At the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy exists a Super Massive Black Hole, we are orbiting and caught in its Gravity. We are experiencing Time Dilation.

More than 50 Billion years have elapsed outside of the Milky Way Galaxy while less than 15 Billion years have been experienced inside our Galaxy.

Contrary to Orbital Mathematics, all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy orbit in tandem with each other.

Something is missing?

All Stars are orbiting a Black Hole.


Orbits of all stars in our Galaxy can be calculated using both Orbital Mathematics in combination with Time Dilation.

When you look at any Astrological Star pattern in the night sky (ie. Scorpio or Taurus), you are observing the effects of Einstein’s General Relativity.

RE: “Big Bang” Theory.

The Universe is a Relativistic object, therefore it must be viewed from two Frames of Reference.

From the Frame-of-Reference of the interior, the Universe appears to be born in a Big Bang.

From the Frame-of-Reference outside of our Universe, the Universe appears to begin as an Implosion.

The Multi-verse is a hierarchical tree of Black Holes with Relativistic Time moving more quickly in the upstream Universes toward the root Universe and moving more slowly downstream the branch Universes.

The centre of the Mass of the Universe MOVED from Point-of-Origin to the Edge of the Universe, therefore all Galaxies are accelerating away from the Point-of-Origin of the Universe. The edge of the Universe is a Singularity Point.

Dark Matter is only theorized by persons who think that a second here on Earth is the same second everywhere in the Universe.

I have been searching for some time for assistance with formally publishing my analysis and solutions to Cosmological problems, please get in touch with me if you can assist.

The above image is a cropped image of my Complete Neuropsychological and Aptitude Assessment taken in 2005. I had not performed any higher Mathematical calculations in over 20 years. During one Geometric Problem Solving Test I scored a “World Record” of 15 seconds to solve the problem as compared to the previous record of 17 seconds.